The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Comment on Baptismal Font to Brahetrolleborg Church

This reading implies that, in 1809, Thorvaldsen had based the prices he charged for his works on the total actual expenses he incurred for materials and employee wages. The final price was twice this amount, inasmuch as Thorvaldsen held that the same amount was due to him personally as the works’ creator. See also the draft letter dated 22.10.1808, where Thorvaldsen describes his portion of the work as follows: “As far as the work is concerned, my sweetest reward is to have been able to fulfill my benefactress’s command, and I count myself fortunate that you, my most gracious Countess, will possess one of my works, which moreover will serve to make me known in my dear ancestral land [lit. Fædreneland, ‘the fathers’ land’].”

Last updated 16.12.2014