The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Comment on Transportation of Thorvaldsen's Artworks to Copenhagen 1825

This concerned some or all of the following reliefs, which were transported to Copenhagen in 1828 and exhibited at the Academy of Fine Arts in 1828:

  • Night, plaster cast, cf. A369
  • Day, plaster cast, cf. A370
  • Cupid With a Swan and Boys Picking Fruit, plaster cast, cf. A411
  • Cupid and Bacchus, Autumn, plaster cast, cf. A413
  • Cupid Revives Psyche, plaster cast, presumably cf. A431
  • Cupid and Bacchus, plaster cast, presumably cf. A408
  • A Genio Lumen (The Genius of Art and Light), plaster cast, cf. A518
  • Christ at Emmaus, plaster cast, cf. A562

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