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Comment on 4.10.1801

This is a reference to the commercial house of Ryberg & Co., founded by the merchant Niels Ryberg in 1789.
The payment to Zoëga is probably the fee he received for his regular reports to the Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen on the Arts in Rome. The missing fee must have annoyed Zoëga, whose financial circumstances were not good.
Zoëga had sent reports back to Denmark since 1790. The reports 1790-1798 were printed in the periodical Minerva, 1798-99. In a letter dated 10.10.1799 from Zoëga to Friedrich Münter, it appears that there had been a break in the reports, but later they were resumed for a short time. These last reports after 1798 are not known, see K. Friis Johansen: ‘Georg Zoega i Rom’, in: Louis Bobé (ed.): Rom og Danmark gennem Tiderne, Copenhagen 1935, vol. I, p. 240-241.
Regarding the payment of an earlier fee, see the letter dated 5.3.1800.

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