The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Comment on 7.12.1804

It appears from the later correspondence that this bill concerned the so-called gratification of 300 rix-dollars that Thorvaldsen received 6.3.1804 from Fonden ad usus publicos in Copenhagen. The bill was to be drawn on the royal “Bank Comptoir” in Altona.
Schubart had asked Thorvaldsen to send the bill in letter of 2.11.1804.
They must have arranged for the sculptor to draw a bill on Schubart, who would then be able to collect the money at a favourable rate of exchange in Toscana.
However, Thorvaldsen did not receive the money until January 1807, see more about this in The only Price I Charge.
Regarding bills of exchange, see also the article about these.

Last updated 14.08.2015