The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Comment on 24.10.1800

In letter of 24.10.1800 to the Academy of Fine Arts, Thorvaldsen announced that at the first opportunity he would send home a number of works, namely: The statue Goddess of Peace (now destroyed), and the marble busts of Agrippa, A759, and Cicero, A760 or A761. Other works were added, among them the bust of Raphael, A752, mentioned by Thorvaldsen below. The Goddess of Peace, however, was never sent home.
The crates with the works were not sent until the spring of 1802 and arrived in Copenhagen in December of that year, but they were only brought to Abildgaard’s attention one year later, see the related article about Transportation of Crates.

Last updated 30.04.2015