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Comment on 24.10.1800

It was not possible for Thorvaldsen to have his crates transported on board the frigate Triton under the command of Captain Berger until the beginning of 1802.
The frigate was anchored in the roads of Leghorn from 23.11.1800 (cf. T.A. Topsøe-Jensen and Emil Marquard: Officerer i Den Dansk-Norske Søetat 1814-1932, Copenhagen 1935, vol. I, p. 98). In letter of 20.1.1802 Berger wrote to Thorvaldsen that the crates should be sent to Leghorn as soon as possible. Thorvaldsen wrote back, presumably Beginning of February 1802, that the crates were already with the Danish consul Ulrich. at Leghorn.
The crates were then shipped off on board the frigate Triton in the spring of 1802, see the related article Transportation of Crates.

Last updated 30.04.2015