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Comment on Ultimo 1797

The famous Hermes Belvedere, which is thought to date back to a Greek original by Praxiteles. Earlier it was erroneously called Antinous. See Il Museo Pio-Clementino, descritto da Giambattista e Ennio Qvirino Visconti, T. I-VI, Roma 1782-96, vol. I, plate VII, text p. 9-11 (copy in Thorvaldsens Museum, M134); and Les monumens antiiques du Musée Napoléon, vol. I, plate 52, text p. 121-124 (copy in Thorvaldsens Museum, M140).
This statue was taken to Paris and placed in the Louvre but was later returned to the Vatican.
Thorvaldsen acquired a cast of it, which is to be found in Thorvaldsens Museum, L38.

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