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Comment on Norse Mythology in Thorvaldsen's Art - a Virtually Omitted Motive

On precisely February 4, 1827—the very date written on the piece of paper that serves as the backdrop for the dating of Thorvaldsen’s early sketches of a coat of arms, C559a, C386v, and C560r—Thorvaldsen wrote both to Crown Prince Christian (VIII) Frederik and to the Slotsbygningskommission [Building Commission for Christiansborg Palace]. Cf. his letters dated 4.2.1827 and 4.2.1827, respectively; these letters concern the return of works and assembly of collections. Thorvaldsen replied to the crown prince as follows: “It is in fact my intention to have a life-size monument cast in bronze, portraying the goddess of victory on a triumphal car pulled by two or four horses. Beyond this, I have many other works that I have rendered, or plan to render, in marble at my own expense. When I add to this my collection of ancient and modern artworks, which is growing every day, I hope to leave behind, instead of money, a fairly exclusive collection.”

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