The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Comment on 17.1.-14.2.1797

According to Thiele I, p. 86 this should be deciphered as Stærkodder, i.e. the legendary hero in Old Norse mythology, also known as Starkad. This is most likely the writer C. Pram’s mock-heroic poem Stærkodder. Et digt i femten sange, Copenhagen 1785. Thorvaldsen knew Pram and had drawn a portrait of him which in 1795 was engraved by Andreas Flint, E2299. The drawing is in a private collection.

Today Pram’s heroic poem is in Thorvaldsen’s book collection, M718. It was given to Thorvaldsen by Eiler Hagerup Schiøtz, probably as a farewell gift when the two friends parted in Copenhagen before Thorvaldsen’s departure 30.8.1796. See Schiøtz’ dedication in the book.

Stærkodder is bound with the same leather back as Labyrinten, which is also on the list of the books that Thorvaldsen brought along on the journey.
So, both books made the journey from Copenhagen to Rome via Malta and Naples in 1796-97. And in 1838 they were probably brought back to Copenhagen.

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