The Thorvaldsens Museum Archives

Comment on 17.1.-14.2.1797

Since Manno was honoured by the Grand Master of the Order of Malta for having decorated this church, it is probably St. Paul’s Cathedral at Mdina in Malta, where Manno and his brother (1739-1831) decorated part of the ceilings 1790-94.
During his recent stay in Malta, Thorvaldsen had seen St. Paul’s Cathedral 26.12.1796, and he told Manno about his positive impression of the decoration, see Manno’s recommendation of 27.1.1797.
Thorvaldsen’s visit to Mdina and the ceiling painting in the cathedral is mentioned in Peder Pavels’ diary, cf. Sørensen & Schirò, op. cit., p. 51.

Last updated 18.03.2015