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Comment on 21.7.1800

The five architects, who had won the large gold medal since 1795, and who had to go through an extra competition for the travelling scholarship in 1800, were: Niels Dam, Johannes Georg Karlebye, Lorentz Kreiser (1773-1823), Christian Hornbech and C.F.F. Stanley. The latter won the scholarship. See F. Meldahl & P. Johansen: Det kongelige Akademi for skjønne Kunster, 1700-1904, Copenhagen 1904, supplement CXLIVf.
Karlebye, however, died 12.7.1800 so that there were only four paticipants when the competition took place in the autumn of 1800.
See also draft letter dated 22.4.1802 from Thorvaldsen to Gotskalk Thorvaldsen, in which Thorvaldsen mentions how pleased he is that Stanley won the scholarship.
The competition is mentioned in Anne Lise Thygesen: ‘En akademistipendiat i Italien, arkitekten C.F.F. Stanley’, in: Architectura 2, Copenhagen 1980, p. 17.

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