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1771 - presumably 1775

Residence at 12 Vingårdstræde, Copenhagen.

Primary sources

  • Louis Bobé: ‘Bertel Thorvaldsens Herkomst’, Personalhistorisk Tidsskrift, vol. 57, no 1, 1936, p. 42 (“the present no 12 in Vingaardsstræde, on the corner of the Smith’s Passage, next to the house known from the history of Ewald’s life, where his friend Spendrup had his distillery”).
  • OE-1771, Oeders Efterretninger, 5.5.1771, cf. Dansk Demografisk Database (“Torilsen, journeyman sculptor, 28 years, marriage no 1; wife, 24 years, marriage no 1”).

Other references

  • The street was then called “Viingaardstræde”.

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