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Not earlier than December 1823 Baptismal Angel Kneeling, A781, preparatory work for A112.
Presumably 1827 - 1828 Baptismal Angel Kneeling, A112.
8.7.1828 Baptismal Angel Kneeling, cf. A112, is commissioned.
Not later than 5.2.1829 Baptismal Angel Kneeling, cf. A112 og Baptismal Font, cf. A555,1, A555,2, A555,3, A555,4, are cast in plaster and shipped to Denmark.
24.3.1839 Thorvaldsen is godfather to Hermann Ernst Freund’s daughter in the Church of Our Lady, Copenhagen. The Baptismal Angel Kneeling, cf. A112, is being used for a baptism for the first time.