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20.5.1796 - 30.8.1796 Charlotte Amalie Fisker, portrait drawing, location unknown.
1801 Mathias Saxtorph, A899. Thorvaldsen left the execution of this bust to another sculptor.
20.5.1804 Passport issued for Leghorn.
20.5.1804 Travels from Naples to Rome.
Not earlier than 24.5.1804 Leaves Rome for Florence in the company of Adam Gottlob Detlef Moltke.
25.9.1804 Travels from Leghorn bound for Rome in the company of Friedrich Matthäi.
29.4.1807 Marcus Gerhard Rosencrone commissions a bust of his late father-in-law Henrik Hielmstierne. However, the bust is not modelled until probably 1812, cf. A210.
29.4. - 20.5.1817 George Gordon Byron, A257.
Not earlier than 20.5.1817 George Gordon Byron, A717.
20.5.1829 A copy of Hope, executed by Friedrich Tieck for Caroline von Humboldt’s funerary monument, is unveiled.
Not earlier than December 1835 - not later than February 1836 Thomas Dyke Acland and Lydia Elizabeth, neé Hoare (1786-1856) acquire or are given two terracotta reliefs of Night , cf. A369, and Day, cf. A370, as a remembrance of their stay in Rome. The reliefs are still in the library of the Ackland family’s former home Killerton House, Devon, England.
20.5.1839 Står fadder for Peder Brønnum Scavenius’ søn, Jacob Frederik Scavenius (1838-1915), i Holtug Kirke ved Store Heddinge.