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Spring 1817 Nicolaus Esterházy commissions Dancing Girl, cf. A178 and Cupid Triumphant, cf. A22, in marble.
Winter 1818 - 1819 François Gabriel de Bray bestiller sin buste, jf. A300 og gipsafstøbning A721, sammen med Natten, jf. A369 og Dagen, jf. A370,
17.7.1819 - 5.1.1822 Danserinde, jf. A178, er under udarbejdelse i marmor i Thorvaldsens værksted.
Presumably 14.7. - 17.7.1839 Begins modelling Ludvig Holberg, cf. A876.
17.6.1841 Elected honorary member of the Kunstverein München.
17.7.1841 Informed of his honorary membership of the Kunstverein München.
17.7.1841 Awarded the Grand Cross of the Order of St. Michael, N11.
17.7.1842 Visit from Wilhelm Matthiä and Albert Küchler.
17.7.1842 Large dinner party with artists and diplomats on Monte Mario. Later at Castel Sant’Angelo with C.F. Holbech.