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15.4.1787 Confirmation in Holmen’s Church, Copenhagen.
Spring 1810 Goethe asks for a line drawing of one of Thorvaldsen’s sculptures through Caroline von Humboldt.
Completed April 1819 Completes the original model of Cupid and the Graces, A29.
April 1819 An exhibition with German and Nordic artists opens in Palazzo Caffarelli in Rom. Thorvaldsens The Graces and Cupid, cf. A29, was featured in the catalogue, but not exhibited.
Not earlier than April 1824 Richard Bingham’s marble copy of Venus with the Apple, cf. A12, is sent to England. The ship is wrecked near the English coast, but Venus escapes unharmed.
16.4.1831 Meets Samuel Morse for the first time at a dinner party.
19.5.1833 Elected honorary member of L’Ateneo di Brescia.