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Not later than 14.9.1790 Marie Sophie Frederikke, portrait medallion, plaster, location unknown.
Completed 14.9.1790 Executes Fama, Denmark and The Patron Gods of Norway for a temporary triumphal gate at Kongens Nytorv celebrating the arrival of Crown Princess Marie Sophie Frederikke in Copenhagen.
Middle of September 1811 His friend C.F. Høyer leaves Rome.
14.9.1831 The Accademia di S. Luca asks Thorvaldsen to withdraw his resignation of 11.9.1831.
14.9.1833 Attends the opening of Raphael’s grave in the Pantheon. The event is depicted in Francesco Diofebi’s painting, B73, the tomb itself is shown in E1100.
14.9.1840 Accompanies Jens Arenholt Gottfred Hartmann and Wilhelm Matthiä to the Custom House, from where the steamboat to Lübeck leaves. The same evening in the Royal Theatre.
14.9.1843 Receives a vist from the painter C.W. Eckersberg.