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7.1. - 13.1.1821 Christian (8.) Frederik, cf. A197.
21.12.1827 - 4.1.1828 Freund travels from Rome to Leghorn with 64 crates with Thorvaldsen’s art works on board the ship L’Anime del Purgatorio. Freund continues his own journey through Paris to Denmark.
11.1.1828 70 crates with Thorvaldsen’s works of art are loaded onto the merchant ship Therese at Leghorn.
11.1.1828 Forgets a letter at the house of Luigi Chiaveri.
February 1828 The merchant ship Therese leaves Leghorn with 70 crates containing several of Thorvaldsen’s works of art.
April 1828 The merchant ship Therese arrives in Copenhagen with 70 crates containing Thorvaldsen’s works of art, among them Christ and the twelve apostles in plaster.
11.1.1840 From Nysø to Copenhagen on the occasion of Frederik 6.’s funeral. However, Thorvaldsen does not attend due to a bad foot.