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Presumably not later than 10.4.1804 Employs the marble carvers Camillo Landini and Peter Kaufmann in his studio. J.L. Lund supervises the studio while Thorvaldsen is away.
Not earlier than 9.7. - not later than 6.8.1804 Herman Schubart, A718.
Begun 6.8.1804 Jacqueline Schubart, A719.
Middle of August 1804 Travels with Herman Schubart to the marble quarries in Carrara and to Genoa.
End of August 1804 Selects blocks of marble at Carrara.
Beginning of October 1804 Returns to Rome.
1821 - 1844 The Italian draughtsman Leonardo Camia draws several of Thorvaldsen’s works for use in graphic reproductions.
6.8.1824 Elected member of the American Academy of the Fine Arts, New York.
Not earlier than 27.5.1833 - not later than 6.8.1833 65 crates with Thorvaldsen’s art works are transported from Rome to Leghorn by boat.
Not earlier than 16.7.1833 - not later than 6.8.1833 The marble version of Christ, cf. A82, for the Church of Our Lady in Copenhagen is sailed from Carrara to Leghorn.
4.8.1833 - 6.8.1833 The corvette Galathea spends two days in quarantine before entering the port of Livorno.
6.8.1840 Copenhagen City Council stops the construction of Thorvaldsens Museum because of G.N. Sibbern’s claim that the design of the building was not solid enough.
Not earlier than 6.8.1840 Travels to Copenhagen prompted by the cessation of the building of the museum by the Copenhagen municipality.
29.8.1840 Copenhagen City Council withdraws its protest dated 6.8.1840 against continuing the building of Thorvaldsens Museum. However, part of the construction had already been resumed a couple of days before.
4.8.1841 A board is formally elected to attend to the business of the commission for a monument to Frederik 6. in a general meeting at Skanderborg.