The Structures in Thorvaldsens Museum

The Structures in Thorvaldsens Museum

The construction of Thorvaldsens Museum, which was put in the hands of the architect M.G. Bindesbøll in 1839, was severely circumscribed by the fact that an existing building was to be incorporated into the overall structure, and that this and earlier buildings had been erected on infill in the sound between the old city and Slotsholmen.

The foundations today are therefore very varied in kind, from grillage under the original walls to later reinforced wooden foundations under additional walls and extensions.

A drawing by Bindesbøll from late autumn 1839 was characterised by heavy walled structures, including all horizontal divisions and roofing. The many and large arches gave problems during the planning process but they were solved by changes in the height of the rooms, the shape of the arching and especially by the installation of horizontal iron ties, hidden in the walls or placed above the battlements.

The difficult conditions for the foundations and the structure resulted in disfiguring cracks in most of the decorated walls and ceilings. So before a comprehensive restoration of these surfaces can be undertaken, the relevant movements in the cracks are to be registered and an analysis of typical directions of pressure carried out with a view to deciding on the need for possible measures to ensure stability in the future.

Last updated 11.05.2017