A Piece of Jewellery à la grecque and its Master

Fistaine used as his model the engravings in a series of designs for jewellery in the new Classical style, published in Paris in 1765 (Figs. 2 and 4). Fistaine was not, as previously believed, brought to Denmark from Paris. He had been born in Berlin. His family were among the Hugenots who had fled from France after 1685. 1752’ he came to Denmark, where for over twenty years, he made numerous – now unknown – pieces of jewellery, tabatières, etc. for the royal family, possibly in the special Berlin Rococo style. It was probably Queen Juliane Marie who, through her brother-in-law King Frederick II of Prussia, had persuaded Fistaine to move from Berlin to Copenhagen and who, in 1767, had him create the châtelaine in the new style. Her interest in Neo-Classicism has been noted, amongst others, by Dyveke Helsted.

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